Is sometimes called small Iceland as the peninsula holds many of our greatest natural gems. The scenery in Snæfellsnes has it all and it is well worth a trip. A few of the natural wonders one can see on the peninsula are; Snæfellsjökull glacier, Löngufjörur red sandy beach, Djúpalónssandur black pebble beach, Arnarstapi bird cliff, Hellnar unworldly cliffs and rock formations and Kirkjufell mountain. This list just covers a small portion of the beautiful places one can discover on Snæfellsnes peninsula.

A famous historical site in Iceland. It is one of the few buildings still standing in Iceland from the medieval era, it is from the 12th century. The site is best known for being the home of the famous writer Snorri Sturluson. If you enjoy history, we highly recommend visiting Reykholt.

The pick-up for the Into the Glacier tour starts from Húsafell. After the ice cave opened it has been built up to quite an extent. There is a very nice hotel and a swimming pool in the area which recently opened.

The lava cave is the largest one in Iceland and one of the largest in the world. Therefore, it is a must to go with a guide into the cave for safety reasons. Evidence of human habitation has been found in the cave dating back to the Viking era.

Into the glacier
The man-made ice tunnel was first opened in 2015. It is around 300 meters long and takes about an hour to walk through with a guide. It is beautifully lit to make sure you do not miss a thing. They even have a chapel in there so if you want to tie the knot, this might be the perfect place. The cave is in Langjökull glacier, which is the second largest glacier in Iceland. It is possible to go on tours both from Reykjavik and Husafell.

Is one of the rare white sandy beaches in Iceland. The beach is located in the southern part of Snæfellsnes and is one of the first things you see when driving the peninsula. Seals are a very common sight by the beach and they can often be seen playing in the ocean.


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