Environmental Policy


Iceland Travel Assistance Management is aware of the environment and is willing to contribute reducing this effect as much as possible to its employees and customers. Iceland Travel Assistance is constantly monitoring all its practices of operations which allow us to improve our environmental resources.

  • Full consideration shall be taken to environmental viewpoints in daily operation all ITA sales- and booking offices
  • We will aim at sorting and reducing waste that is produced by the company and reduces use of raw materials, recovery and re-use
  • Conducting our business according to Icelandic laws and regulations regarding the environment and monitoring changes therein
  • Increase the environmental awareness of all our employees with education in environmental matters
  • Monitor all possible ways to reduce energy and use it in the most economical way
  • Encourage our employees to use public transit when possible
  • Choosing suppliers according to their performance in environmental issues and conducting our business the environment
  • Informing customers about the importance of environmental protection and respect for nature

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