Terms and Conditions

When you book a tour through Iceland Travel Assistance – ITA – we kindly ask you to read our terms and conditions carefully.

Iceland Travel Assistance is an established company in Iceland that co-operates with most of the suppliers in the tourist industry. As a booking agency, we have a strict policy that requires all our partners to have government approved licences and authorizations. Iceland Travel Assistance has formed a corporate social responsibility strategy, to cope with increased stress on social, economic and environmental demands on the tourist industry in Iceland.

The purchase of any travel services offered by Iceland Travel Assistance – constitutes a contractual agreement. We, therefore, recommend that you read and understand these Terms and Conditions prior to booking.

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with an attachment containing the voucher with a booking number and a list of services purchased and information of suppliers. Please check the details of your confirmation carefully to ensure they are exactly as you requested.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the client to communicate their pickup location to ITA – Iceland Travel Assistance – or the tour operator indicated on the voucher at least 48 hours before the beginning of a tour. If the pickup location is not specified at the time of booking, ITA cannot be held responsible if you miss your tour due to not submitting the correct pickup location in a timely manner.


Day tours & Accommodation:
The 30% confirmation fee, from your booking, is non-refundable to cover costs of booking tours and/or services. You can cancel tours within 7 days before departure of the tour you booked without any extra costs.

If a tour is cancelled less than 7 days before tour departure, but longer than 36 hours before, 60% will be refunded of the tour price. Cancellations made less than 36 hours before a tour are non-refundable.

Multi-day Tours (Tours which include car hire, accommodation and activities in Iceland):

Multi-day tours: If a multi-day tour is cancelled more than 31 days before the departure date, a fee of 30% of the total cost is non-refundable to cover costs of booking tours and other services. For cancellations made on such tours less than four weeks in advance but longer than 7 days before, 50% of the tour price will be refunded.

Cancellations made less than 7 days before a tour are non-refundable.

ITA strongly recommends to all its clients to purchase travel insurance from a reputable provider in their country of origin, prior to their journey to Iceland. It is important for all travellers to protect themselves in the case of unforeseen problems or additional costs.

Iceland is a country where weather conditions can change rapidly. ITA and its partners reserve the right to alter tours and itineraries due to adverse weather or road conditions. All itineraries can be changed or cancelled at any moment during the trip to assure the safety of the clients and staff. All participants on tours are advised that they participate in all activities at their own risk and must behave according to tour operator guidelines and conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

ITA acts as a booking agent and does not assume responsibility for accidents or deaths that can be traced to the participant´s negligence, acts of third parties or exterior circumstances beyond ITA‘s control (force major) such as weather, natural occurrences, war or other similar causes. As a booking agent, ITA acts in good faith and disclaims responsibility for any agent, hotel, coach operator, airline, guide, restaurant or any other person’s or companies’ acts, defaults or delays. No responsibility is accepted for losses, expenses due to delays, changes of flights, or other services or because of strikes, accidents, sickness, damage, negligence, weather, war, changes in schedules, or other similar causes beyond our control.

With the purchase of a tour through our website, you accept these conditions and confirm that you understand them and that you accept responsibility for your participation in your tour. Some activities may request you to sign an additional liability release on the site. If you are not satisfied with the services of ITA, you must advise ITA in writing within 7 days of your departure from Iceland. Otherwise, no compensation may be considered.

Services booked directly at the ITA website require a valid credit card that is charged upon booking. In the event of a cancellation by the supplier or if a tour becomes unavailable from a supplier, an alternative tour will be offered. If the customer does not accept the alternative, or if ITA is not able to offer an alternative, a full refund will be made.

All prices quoted on the ITA website, are in Icelandic krona’s (ISK) and calculated per person unless otherwise specified. Prices are subject to change without notice in the event of currency fluctuations, government taxes, or any such cost increase, which is beyond ITA’s control.

After the payment has been confirmed, the price is guaranteed against any surcharge, unless an increase is due to government laws or currency changes. Should the surcharge exceed 10%, clients will be entitled to cancel their booking with a full refund.

The Icelandic nature is very harsh but fragile, leave it as it is, leave nothing in it, enjoy the scenery as it is and keep it with you in your mind or in a photo.